Solar rebates through EcoResults

Due to the overwhelming success of the State Government's solar rebate program for homes in Victoria, rebates have closed for this budget year two months ahead of the 30th June 2019 date that was originally announced.

However, this early close date shouldn’t be taken as an indication of reduced support for solar energy – the opposite is true.

The solar rebate program will reopen on 1st July 2019, with even more rebates on offer. Eligible homeowners and occupiers can apply for:

  • Solar PV rebate - 50% rebate up to $2,225 for solar PV system
  • Solar battery rebate – 50% rebate up to $4,838 for a battery storage unit
  • Interest-free loans – so you can get solar at no upfront cost
  • Solar for renters’ rebate – details still to come

More information about the rebates on offer, including the eligibility criteria, can be found on the Solar Victoria website.

So, what does that mean for you? It is clear that the government is committed to encouraging the use of renewable energy, be it solar or other measures. Even for non-residential projects or other buildings that are not eligible for these rebates, a correctly sized solar PV system often stacks up to be a financially compelling proposition.

Unfortunately these incentives and rebates often attract the wrong type of solar companies. But you don't need to worry. EcoResults has vetted and tested many solar providers, and we only partner with those that have a long track record of successful, safe installs and great energy efficiency outcomes for their clients.

Our solar review your project, home or business and refer you to a premium solar provider who we think will be the best fit for your needs.

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