Samuel Thomson


Sam has direct oversight of EcoResults' ESD and WSUD teams and is a key point of contact for our clients. Having spent over a decade earlier in his career teaching the Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural) and the Diploma in Building (Construction) at TAFE, he has a broad knowledge of planning requirements and building codes across the country.

Sam holds qualifications and certificates in Building Design, NatHERS Assessment, Engineering, Vocational Education and Training, Thermal Performance Assessment, Building Retrofitting for Sustainability as well as being a BESS Trained Professional. Sam has a particular interest in ESD, WSUD and Daylight requirements within both State-based and local planning regulations, such as the SDAPP scheme in Victoria. He is very active in CPD and networking in his areas of expertise.

An active member of the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association, Sam comes with extensive public speaking, teaching and mentoring experience, and a diverse range of construction industry experience within Australasia and Southeast Asia.


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Steve Clifford


Steve oversees our Waste, Energy, Daylight and Admin teams as well as managing our Solar PV program and our patented Wall Vent Seal product.

A qualified NatHERS Assessor, Steve also holds Qualifications and Certificates in Thermal Performance Assessment, Construction and Home Sustainability Assessment, and is a BESS Trained Professional.

Steve has broad experience in the sustainability and construction/design sectors in the UK, Europe and Australia and is passionate about getting results for our clients and the environment.


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Yvonne Hill

ESD Consultant

Yvonne is a Building Designer, ESD Consultant, BESS Trained Professional and Green Star Associate. She specialises in all aspects of environmentally sustainable and energy efficient building design and construction.

Yvonne's areas of proficiency include Sustainability Management Plans, Sustainable Design Assessments, Green Star Assessments using the Design As Built rating tool, Green Travel Plans and Building User's Guides. Yvonne loves Architectural materials and Urban Ecology and is passionate about Good Design.

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Kirstie Rogerson

ESD & Waste Management Consultant

Kirstie has a background in town planning and development administration. She specialises in Waste Management Plans and ESD Reports for multi-residential developments, apartments, mixed use and commercial developments and is a BESS Trained Professional.

Types of ESD reports regularly completed by Kirstie include Sustainable Design Assessments (SDAs) and Sustainability Management Plans (SMPs). Our clients really appreciate Kirstie's eye for detail and her focus on project specific solutions that meet Council requirements in an efficient, cost effective manner.

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Marius Andrasciuc

ESD & WSUD Consultant

Marius is our building approvals expert. He is enthusiastic about sustainability, architecture and getting great results for our clients in as short a time as possible. His motto is "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly!"

Marius’s qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural), a Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment and certification as a BESS Trained Professional. He is an accredited Thermal Performance Assessor with Design Matters, including BASIX Assessments for projects in New South Wales. Marius is also one of our key Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) practitioners, producing scores of WSUD responses using MUSIC and STORM to complete assessments for projects within Councils all over Melbourne, Victoria and beyond. He gets a real buzz out of finding creative solutions to ESD and WSUD problems on challenging projects.

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Tobias John

ESD & Daylight Consultant

Tobias is another of our resident energy rating aficionados, with a penchant for tricky energy ratings and daylight assessments. He loves getting good results for our clients, even on curly designs in difficult climate zones. This is especially the case for building designs which feature a large amount of glazing, which can make it notoriously difficult to achieve a 6 star rating. Toby has his Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment and is a Basix Assessor.

Toby's work also includes digital modelling of developments and/or individual rooms to then conduct daylight assessments or thermal modelling for BCA Part JV3 compliance. The results of these assessments are then included in our ESD, BESS, Daylight Assessment or BCA Section J compliance reports.

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Savannah McMaster

ESD & WSUD Consultant

Savannah has a love of puzzles and an eye for detail. She has completed her Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment and is certified as a BESS Trained Professional.

Savannah is an important part of Team EcoResults, drawing from her passion for sustainability and vast administration background in the construction industry. She is very proficient with NatHERS ratings and WSUD responses, usually operating as the first port of call for any niggly questions you may have. Savannah also works on Sustainable Design Assessments, including all the aspects that feed into the assessment, such as BESS, STORM, and NatHERS.

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Courtland Gavan-Glover

ESD Consultant

Courtland comes to us as a Graduate of the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) and is currently completing his Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. His educational background has fostered his life-long interest in design which, combined with his love of reading and researching, makes him a highly attentive consultant and a skilled modeller.

Courtland enjoys facing down projects of all sizes and levels of complexity with a signature dry sense of humour and determination to reach the best outcome for our clients’ designs.

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Beth Coates

Admin Officer

Here at EcoResults, Beth takes care of Accounts, Payroll, HR and other admin duties in our office. With over 20 years' experience as a bookkeeper, she has that same attention to detail that is a hallmark of our team. She keeps the cogs turning so that the rest of us can focus on awesome results for your projects!

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