“When we were introduced to EcoResults they secured a project with very competitive pricing, since then they’ve continued to be a positive addition on a range of projects. Their process of providing regular consultation with the design team ensures the solutions they prepare are both cost effective and compliment the desired design outcome.”

— Daniel Lyne, Bruce Henderson Architects

“EcoResults have provided timely and quality ESD & Waste Design services on the Knoxia Apartments project and Waste Management Plan on a multistorey commercial project in Geelong, and look forward to furthering the relationship on new projects.”

— Scott McIntosh, Senior Project Manager, Gallagher Jeffs Consulting

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Vistalab has engaged EcoResults for a number of large projects. They are a very professional team and it is a pleasure to work with them all. They know how to achieve the expectations of the particular local council we are dealing with, and provide great feedback that allows me make my designs even more sustainable and with lots of simple but effective tips and techniques that provide ESD and Waste Management benefits.

With my growing business I need a professional team that can deliver quick and cost-effective results for my clients while still achieving the best outcome for the development and future occupants. You simply can’t go past the service and personable approach that EcoResults provide.

— Daniel Hillman, Director, Vistalab

“The team at EcoResults are passionate about their work, and providing positive outcomes both for their clients and the environment. They are efficient and provide a very comprehensive report on the projects on which we have worked with them. They are easy and positive to work with and I highly recommend their team.”

— Andrew Ferris, Director, Andrew Ferris Drafting and Design

“I have worked with EcoResults over a number of years and in that time I have seen the dedication and enthusiasm that they have for their work and for their clients. They have been tireless in their quest to find solutions and I'd recommend them to anyone who is looking for reliable and responsive service and advice.”

— Joel Seagren, Director, Energy by Design

“I have known and worked with EcoResults on our projects since 2013. I found them to be great communicators with integrity, and they are very good ESD and Waste Management consultants. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who need their services.”

— Yuka Chen, General Manager at Centric Capital Group

“We at Oneto100 Design are very happy with EcoResults for their effort, always going beyond the call of duty, but most importantly their practicality.”

— Ken Pham, OneTo100 Design

“It is a great experience working with EcoResults consultants on multiple projects. Their approach to the every project is unique, professional and practical. With an architectural background, my main objective is to get the most sustainable solution for every problem ranging from energy rating to waste management and EcoResults has always proved themselves very well. Their professional approach to the problems and communication skills with authorities always fast track the project to meet the deadlines easily. We will be using the EcoResults for our future projects because of their professional approach, problem solving skills and ability to complete work on time.”

— Usman Mati, Design Manager, Shangri La Construction

“We have been recommending EcoResults for several years, and our clients have been very satisfied with their expertise, turnaround times and service quality. EcoResults have an excellent understanding of the Town Planning process and the Construction Industry and are an essential component of the professional consulting team that we use to get positive outcomes for our clients.”

— Bruce Keen, Director, Keen Planning

"We have been working on our project for 12 months now. It has been my first project of this type and very frustrating to say the least.

We have now been waiting 6 months for the fire engineering report and we still haven't got it, although they promised it would take 1 week. The structural engineer report also has taken 5 months and we still haven't got it. And the building surveyor still hasn't stamped our plans and its been 12 months now!!

Out of everyone that I have had to deal with, EcoResults were the only helpful, honest, efficient people I've dealt with. So I just wanted to say 'thank you', and I will highly recommend you to anyone. I really really appreciate your service."

— Justin Portelli, Home Owner

"Having Samuel and his team as part of our consulting team for our development projects is great. They are professional, competent and show a clear passion for their craft which ultimately transpires to us achieving an optimal on our project.

— Michael Laing, Director, Eden Group

"They have the team and they know what they are doing, enough said! We use them exclusively for any domestic projects we need a thermal performance assessment. What I personally like is the professional, clean, easy to use reports they produce."

— Allan Wise, Director, Coplestone Building Design