Sustainable Design Assessments

A Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA), or Sustainable Design Statement (SDS) as it is called by some councils, are ESD reports which are required for a wide range of small to medium sized developments of 1 to 9 dwellings or thereabouts, and/or between 50 and 500sqm of Gross Floor area of commercial space, depending on your council's Sustainable Design in the Planning Process (SDAPP) policy.

EcoResults will assess your proposed development, suggest viable improvements, and produce required documentation showing how your design meets the published benchmarks for sustainable design improvements. This may include the use of the BESS or STORM tools as appropriate to the particular development and council requirements.

To further commend the sustainability benefits of your development, a comprehensive report can be produced, identifying and highlighting all sustainability features and benefits of the proposed development, and addressing the 10 Key Sustainable Development Categories.

It may appear at first glance that these reports are unreasonably onerous and add unnecessary costs, however ESD planning reports can bring unexpected opportunities for developers. EcoResults is committed to making your project run as smoothly as possible.