How to get faster planning approvals

Delays in the town planning approvals process are one of the biggest problems for developers, architects and planning consultants alike. Many Councils now require reports for many disciplines including Sustainability Management Plans, Sustainable Design Assessments, Green Travel Plans, WSUD Reports and Waste Management Plans. How disappointing it is when these are submitted, only to find that they fail to meet the council's local requirements and benchmarks.

If your inbox overflowing with RFIs & Permit Conditions that need to be addressed for your project to move ahead, EcoResults can help.

1. Our qualified ESD and Waste Management consultants are well connected with councils across Victoria and beyond, and will give you advice on the specific local requirements. As a result, our reports are very unlikely to attract a subsequent RFI from Council which would cause further delays in the approvals process

2. Because we are independent from suppliers of ESD and Waste Management products and services, we will give you impartial advice that is in your best interests. We prioritise our recommendations to ensure construction costs stay as low as possible

3. Our reports are issued fast, typically 1-2 weeks, to ensure that your project doesn't get held up

4. A professional ESD, Green Travel and Waste Management and WSUD report can add substantial weight to your application. In many cases this mitigates against contentious aspects of your proposal and can get the Planning Department, Council members and/or VCAT member on side in ways that may not have been possible otherwise - contact us for examples of our successful projects