Green Travel Plans

The objective of a Green Travel Plan (GTP) is to provide incentives to building users and occupants to shift away from single occupancy car use for the journey to and from their workplace, home or other locations.

Some councils now require these to be included along with ESD Management Plans as a planning application requirement for large developments, which is defined by most Councils as 10+ dwellings and/or 1000 m2 of commercial floor area.

If your council requires one, EcoResults can incorporate a Green Travel Plan into our ESD report to ensure that all of the council's requirements are met, and integrated into the design.

In some cases, Green Travel Plans are required as a stand-alone report, for example, as a Condition of the Planning Permit. EcoResults has a great track record in meeting the Green Travel requirements of a wide range of Councils, and is committed to give you tailored advice regarding your project, without blowing your consulting budget.