Sustainability Management Plans

A Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) (or ESD Management Plan as it is called by some councils), is an ESD report that goes much deeper than a Sustainable Design Assessment, but which has the same objectives. A BESS assessment or preliminary Green Star Assessment is usually used as the key assessment tool, depending on the scale and complexity of the proposed development.

Many Victorian councils require an ESDMP / SMP with planning applications for developments of 10 dwellings or more, and similar sized commercial/mixed use developments. EcoResults will work with your design team in the design and planning application phase to assess the project, suggest viable improvements, and produce a comprehensive report identifying and highlighting all sustainability features and benefits of the proposed development, and addressing the 10 Key Sustainable Development Categories identified by the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) program:

  1. Indoor Environment Quality
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Water Efficiency
  4. Stormwater Management
  5. Building Materials
  6. Transport
  7. Waste Management
  8. Urban Ecology
  9. Innovation
  10. Construction & Building Management

Our comprehensive reports can also incorporate the Water Sensitive Urban Design response, Green Travel Plan, Daylight Assessment, and NatHERS energy ratings as needed for a particular project or Council. We liaise with all relevant subconsultants, council and the architectural team as needed to cover all requirements, and incorporate the results in our report.

And once your project reaches building approval stage, we can integrate all of these results with the Building Code of Australia's Section J and NatHERS energy rating and/or BASIX requirements.

ESD reports for town planning can bring unexpected opportunities for developers. Contact EcoResults for a free initial consultation and information on why a high quality ESD assessment and report can bring advantages to your project and your planning application.