BASIX Assessments

All developments in New South Wales require a BASIX Assessment for building approval. A BASIX Assessment takes into account the electricity, water and gas usage of your property to complete an in-depth analysis. All dwellings in NSW are now required to achieve a compliant BASIX Rating based on predicted water and energy consumption and thermal comfort.

In addition, the following types of developments require a NatHERS Rating so that the predicted heating and cooling load values can be entered into the BASIX Assessment (Thermal Comfort - Simulation Method):

  • dwellings over 300 square metres in area
  • dwellings with glazing to conditioned floor area ratios above 40%
  • dwellings with mezzanine floors
  • dwellings with building elements that are not supported by BASIX, e.g. insulated sandwich panels
  • multiple dwellings such as apartments, townhouses and duplexes
  • the client has requested a minimum 7 or 8 star NatHERS Rating (typically a government department)

Even when a NatHERS Rating isn't required, it can pay to conduct one. The BASIX tool is simple, but has limitations which can result in hight construction costs and lower performance. An experienced and qualified NatHERS and BASIX Assessor will know when a NatHERS Assessment is likely to provide lower cost specifications or better thermal and energy outcomes, or both.

EcoResults is certified and accredited to provide this service for you. One of our accredited consultants will assess your design to ensure that you comply with the regulations. We then issue a BASIX report and certificate, and stamp your plans showing compliance with NSW requirements, for you to include with your building permit application. Consultation with your designer or building certifier during the assessment is included.

We love making the process as smooth as possible for all clients, from owner builders to architects to developers and volume builders. Our mission is to help make your project a success. Talk to us about your project today.