Weapons of Mass Creation Competition

We are proud that our patented Wall Vent Seal is among the innovations competing to win Weapons of Mass Creation 2015. The competition is being held in conjunction with Green Cities 2015, Australia's premier sustainability conference. The finalists and winners of the Weapons of Mass Creation competition will be announced at the conference on Wednesday the 18th of March.

The Wall Vent Seal is a unique solution to the problem of air leakage in houses built prior to the mid 1980s, when wall vents were removed from the Building Code of Australia. Today, it is against the building regulations to have gaping holes in the building fabric which leak conditioned air from habitable spaces! The Wall Vent Seal is a very user friendly device which seals up unwanted, unsustainable vents in minutes, saving money on energy bills for years to come.

EcoResults would like to acknowledge the efforts of all staff who were involved in the design and development of the Wall Vent Seal, which is now available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.